This is me.
Let me introduce myself. I am Ann Barrois, based in Antwerp, Belgium.
I am a photographer shooting in a lot of different categories.

Around 2013 I had my first experience with a dslr camera. My father brought me to Spa-Francorchamps where he was racing on a track day. This is where I first held a dslr camera and first fell in love with photography. A friend of my father gave me some tips and tricks and that's where I learned my first bits of photography. Below this text you'll find the results of my first try in (Motorsport) Photography.
Later that year I followed a course photography in High School, where I learned more about the settings of the camera. Unfortunatly I didn't pursue it at the time.
Then at 2015 I went together with my father to my first Formula 1 race in Spa-Francorchamps. My father brought his dslr camera and I tried a bit of shooting. I fell in love with photography all over again, even though the photos were so bad. (You'll find them at the bottom of this page). I really underestimated shooting F1. But again I didn't pursue it.
It wasn't till mid to end 2018 I picked up the dslr of my father again. I watched a couple of YouTube videos, looked up which settings to use when and started shooting. I quickly realised how much I loved and missed photography. Very soon after that I bought my own dslr camera, the Canon EOS 200D. I really was amazed and started shooting everthing I could think of. In October 2019 I went to the TCR500 in Spa-Francorchamps. I quickly realised that especially Motorsport Photography is where my passion lies. Unfortunately Covid happened. Although it was a lot harder shooting on race tracks and events, I didn't let it stop me and started exploring all the other aspects of photography. Got creative in lockdown with some abstract photography and a lot more. Since then I really love exploring all a camera can do and love to take on new challenges and step out of my comfortzone. In June 2021 I moved from my hometown in The Netherlands to Antwerp, Belgium. Here I soon explored a bit of street photography, which is found in my portfolio.
Enough now about me, feel free to check out my wide ranged portfolio and enjoy!
If you are interested in buying one of my existing photographs or if you want to collab, feel free to contact me through te contact page on the website. Or you can email me directly at:
My father in his lotus exige that day!

THis is from my first time shooting f1 (spa 2015)

This is from my second time shooting f1 (spa 2021)

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